About Us

Raise Your Spirits

 Levanta Muertos Coffee Co. started as an idea in 2007 when Founder and CEO – Felipe Romero visited his paternal family in the town of Tecpan de Galeana, Guerrero, Mexico. His grandfather was born and raised in this beautiful town by the Pacific Ocean and was mesmerized by tasting the first cup of coffee from the area. The great aunt Carmelita (grandfather’s sister) poured a cup of cafe “de olla” while having the traditional Tecpaneco “Desayuno” breakfast and at that moment Felipe’s entrepreneurial instincts immediately kicked in.

Fast forward to the present and Felipe is introducing the finest small-batch coffee from Mexico’s most treasured regions to the United States.  

What sets us apart?

We work in a direct trade network with farmers in Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Puebla, and Veracruz. In Guerrero for example, we help with harvesting the coffee by paying costs upfront before the arabica plant harvests any beans.

We ensure quality by being personally involved in every step of the process from farming, to roasting, to packing, to shipping your product, we take pride in each part of Levanta Muertos Coffee. By building relationships with our partners we can ensure a truly great experience when you make our coffee at home or office.

And, we are in strong support of education. We have a strong sense of social responsibility (Felipe is a first-generation college graduate) to help communities in Mexico and the United States follow their dreams. A portion of the profits from each coffee bag sold goes towards creating educational opportunities for students at every level of education. 

We plan to leave our mark as a coffee company for young professionals. A coffee company that takes bold steps to “Raise Your Spirits”.

Felipe Gabriel Romero - Founder/CEO

As a founder of Levanta Muertos Coffee Co., I deeply believe in the quality of our product, in my team, and in our social responsibility to communities we work with. In doing so, our brand will be recognized not just for our coffee but our investment in people. I feel very blessed and fortunate to share this vision with my biggest supporter, friend, and better half...my wife Miriam.